* S.Ramya

Assistant Professor

KGISL Institute of Technology



** Dr.V.Uma Devi

Assistant Professor

Government arts college




Fiction attempts to establish an ordered reality. Ever since the emergence of language, human beings have derived pleasure in pursuing and being a part of the imaginary adventures and experiences of imaginary people. Over a period of time, a new dimension to Indian literature was created by the Indian women writers. Unlike the earlier times, the works of women writers have gained significance. Before the rise of the novel as a genre, women writers wrote many small plays, poems, and even short stories. The lives of women in India, the trials and tribulations that they encounter, the domestic circumference that they are surrounded with have predominantly been the engrossing themes of Deshpande’s work.  This paper is an attempt to trace Sumi’s Story of Resilience in A Matter of Time, aims at studying the novel by applying one of the major themes of existentialism-resilience to relate Sumi’s psychic journey of selfhood. Deshpande’s protagonist Sumi discerns that it is only through a method of self-assessment and self-penetrating, through courage and resilience, that one can transform the circumstances, from depression to anticipation. Sumi’s search of her own self is clearly depicted by analyzing her resilience in the face of diversity.

Keywords: Sumi, resilience, Existentialism, Self-examination.

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Sumi’s Story of Resilience in A Matter of Time