Dilip Kumar Maurya

Research Scholar

Dept. of Defence & Strategic Studies

University of Allahabad,

Allahabad (U.P.)



Central Asia is becoming a region of great interest to India. All the states are faced with various kinds of problems and the challenges are to work for peace and stability in the region. Tajikistan is one such country where its relations with India have found supreme expression in the sphere of economic, culture, defence and terrorism. The author in the article discusses all the issues in detail which affects the bilateral relations between India and Tajikistan. In analyzing the relations it is seen the problem is quite an internal problem and it is related to drugs and terrorism. In future, if both the countries want to play positive role then they will have to fight against it which has not only disturbed the power politics of the region but also of the globe.

Key Words:  border dispute, ethnic problem, Pakistan occupied Kashmir, Strategic Partnership, Joint Commission of Trade, scientific and technical cooperation, SCO, WTO, hydropower plant, ICCR scholarship, northern alliance.


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“Tajikistan: A Factor in India’s Security Calculus”