Mr. Edin Brow

Asst. Prof & Head,

Department of English

Agni College of Technology







Communication plays a vital role for mariners at sea and ashore obviously for ensuring safe, efficient and profitable ship operation and acquiring the appropriate skills and knowledge to communicate effectively and efficiently not only in the maritime profession, but also in other fields of endeavor. The aim to produce teaching materials is the basic need to help the mariners acquire effective communicative competency. The reason for this urgent need is that approximately one third of accidents at sea are caused by an insufficient command of Maritime English. There is a need for the mariners to enhance their competency in communication. An eco-friendly environment to the mariners will help them enhance their competency in communication. The intention to use the exhaustive materials focus mainly on the mariner’s basic four skills namely, listening, speaking, reading and writing. The present paper discusses about the new ideas to introduce, the innovative approach to the existing general English syllabus and produce a more learner-friendly system for the mariners for easy communication and comfortable comprehension.

Key Words: Effective communicative competency, Maritime English, ESP, innovative approach.

Teaching English for Maritime Students