Rajesh Kumar

P.hd Scholar (Deptt. of English)

NIMS University



Dr. Anjali Srivastava

Asstt. Prof.

NIMS University



The world has shrunk into a global village in which English is used nearby one third of its population ,either as a language of administration, as a vehicle of communication or a library language. Today, it is considered as a language of opportunity. In the multilingual country like India, in which more than one hundred languages and dialects are spoken, English plays an important role as a link language. We have a love and hate relationship with English. The use of English in India, which started in India as a historical and political accident, has come to stay as an economical and academic necessity. In some parts of India ,it is as important as the mother tongue. In India ,it has indeed come very far from its original uses in the colonial times, when it was mostly used as a language of government. India is one of the most populated countries in the world after China. Being a large country, it has multiple religious sects and multilingual languages. It has a  rich cultural and social heritage also. Though it has a great history but it was a colony of British, one of the most leading countries in the world. It was the time when English was introduced in India. It was introduced by Maculey for their own benefits to produce cheap clerks in India. Now, the time has changed and India is an Independent country, and with this the role of English has changed. In ancient time, Sanskrit was used as a language of learned people. But now ,the situation has changed. Most of the nations of the world use English as a vehicle of communication or as a second language. After independence ,India, being a multilingual country, there was a need of a link language other than mother tongue. And English played the role of a link language.

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Teaching of English in India: Method and Material