Shivani Thakur

Ph.D. Research Scholar

 Department of English and Cultural Studies

 Panjab University, Chandigarh




Literary controversies arise to restrict the intended content of a literary work due to various reasons as politics, sex, caste and religion, and therefore the study of literary controversies become urgent in context of its relation to individual and society. This article attempts to reflect upon the mechanisms existing in society of Pakistan that prevent the expression of dominant socio-cultural reality by female writers along with the bearing of these mechanisms on female writer’s freedom of expression. For the purpose, the paper specifically studies the literary controversy associated with Tehmina Durrani’s autobiography My Feudal Lord. Its publication takes the country by storm; the system tries to choke the writer’s voice by imposing a ban when it finds she has revealed publically the reality of her battered and bruised married life at the hands of politically influential feudal husband. This paper discusses the bearing of literary controversy on the society of Pakistan along with its contribution to the female cause. It foregrounds the efficacy and impact of controversies on society in relation to culture and gender, which develops an understanding of the controversies related to women writing. The paper also reflects on whether the controversies affect and affront the established structure of a society.

Keywords: Literary controversy, Censorship, Gender, My Feudal Lord, Tehmina Durrani

Tehmina Durrani and the Politics of Literary Controversy