Mr. Zubair Ahmad Bhat

Research Scholar

Department of Comparative Languages and Culture

Barkatullah University Bhopal

Madhya Pradesh



One of the Hardy’s most searching preoccupations is walking, travelling, journeying, in fact, movement of all kinds. Somewhere at the heart of his vision is a profound sense of what may be called the mystery of motion. Tess of the d’Urbervilles in actual instance is a moving tale about its characters, which are always on the move. The beginning of the novel opens with a man John Durbyfield walking down a road, and it is his daughter, Tess Durbyfield who is always on the pedestal of movement from one place to another, from town to town and from man to man. Tess is ineffably gentle and is by nature a sympathetic being and the sight of suffering or misery deeply moves her. Tess is a pure woman by heart and is ignorant about the insecurity of women in the domineering men’s world. She has to move from her low experience about the men folk to seek all the lessons of life in the male domineering society. So this paper explores the inexperience of Tess about the men and the movement of her in the society within the constraints of time.

Key Words: Landscape, walking, Travelling, Men and Society.

Tess, A Person Always on the Move in Tess of the d’Urbervilles