Dr. Liza Nanda

Assistant Professor

GGD SD College



About the Author

Dr. Liza Nanda completed her Ph.D. in 2013. Her area of specialization is South Asian Literary Studies and Indian Writing in English. Her research has been on Muslim writers of the Indian Subcontinent and South Asia.



India holds the identity of being one of the largest multicultural, multi-ethnic nations. The nation has always effectively shown her capacity to accommodate various cultures and ethnicities. Most of the cultures and religions have become an indispensable part of India’s cultural identity. The hybrid character of the ganga jamuni culture further added a unique aesthetic sense to the plural make up of the country. It was however daunting when this culture fell a prey to the politics of the times. The dilemma of identity that the people belonging to this culture carry gets clearly reflected in various art forms too such as architecture, literature, festivals et al. Even today, the plural identity transcends the politics and has established itself as one of the classic cultures. It would be worthy to note that the plural culture survived the political-social turmoil and markedly placed itself as one of the best multi-ethnic cultures.

Keywords: Hindustani culture, ganga-jamuni culture, Indian history, identity, Muslim culture

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The Dilemma of Identity: A Study of Hindustani Culture