Md. Didar Hossain

Assistant Professor, English Language Institute

United International University

Making the students competent in speaking English is a challenging job for an English language teacher. Many university teachers opine that it is very hard to make students talk in English. However, there are various activities that a teacher a can apply in a language class to make it effective. Debating is such an activity that signifies presenting an argument in a formal way and in a disciplined manner. The present paper finds out how engaging students in debate in a language class can facilitate their learning of English language. It through both quantitative and qualitative methods vindicates how English debate can benefit the students in gaining confidence in speaking, increasing their knowledge of English vocabulary, and making them have the ability of good reasoning. So, the teachers can sometimes divide a class into groups and can give them a simple topic to talk about where they will talk on the same topic in different ways. The paper will also put light on the fact that the teachers, by creating a friendly environment in a language class, can engage the students in debates that will help them gaining strong argumentative ability.

Keywords: Debate, Argumentation, Performance, Confidence.

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The Effectiveness of Engaging Students in Debate in a Language Class