Aiah Frank Mbayo,

Lecturer, Institute Of Languages And Cultural Studies

Njala University

Sierra Leone



This study investigates the loss of traditional cultural interest in the youths of the kono district in     the Eastern region of Sierra Leone. The study consisted of four major diamond mining towns in the Nimikoro chiefdom. A descriptive survey was used for the study and a total of one hundred and twenty   mixed sex youths were randomly selected from four towns for the study. This implies that thirty youths were selected from each town. A structured questionnaire was administered and a focused group discussion was held to fully achieve the stated objectives of the study using simple percentages and measures of central tendency mean scores.

The major findings indicated that, the earlier hours of the night which is appropriate for telling folk stories, riddles, learning proverbs ,tongue twisting contest, etc. have been overshadowed by other forms of entertainment such as watching movies on videos and televisions, engaging themselves with their mobile phones, attending dance sessions, and listening to FM(frequency modulation ) stations. Spending time with these forms of entertainments has impacted the traditional cultural sustenance of these youths to some extent. It has explained reasons for their choice of western dress to African dress, foreign music to traditional kono music, western dance style to traditional kono dance style, their knowledge in folk tales, proverbs, riddles, and other forms of folk traditions.

KEY WORDS; folk traditions, frequency modulation, disco sessions, television, mobile phones.

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The Effects Of Modern Forms Of Entertainment On Folk Traditions (A Case Study Of Indigenous Kono Youths In Four Towns In The Nimikoro Chiefdom,Kono District, Eastern Sierra Leone)