Ramazan Goctu

International Black Sea University

Education and Humanities Faculty


Motivation has an important role in ELT, particularly in listening skills because motivation fosters and encourages students during learning foreign language process. It also gives them particular direction and keeps them going. The aim of this research is to identify the students’ motivation and it`s connection with listening skills and also how students are motivated, intrinsically or extrinsically. This study attempted to find out the effects of motivation on listening skills of 61 ELT freshmen students in Georgian Universitiy (International Black Sea University (IBSU), during the 1st term of 2015\2016 academic year.The result of the study showed that students had different motivation factors towards listening skills. The findings of the research revealed that there is relationship between motivation and listening skills and the most frequently type of motivation is external motivation.

Keywords: Motivation, Motivation Factor, Undergraduate Students, Listening Skills

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The Effects of Motivation on Listening Skills of ELT Students in Georgia (IBSU Case)