Rishika Debnath

(Research Scholar)

C/o Mr. Himangshu Debnath

G.E. (Air Force) Hasimara

P.O. Hasimara

Dist. Alipurduar




Brutus Jones, a brilliant work by Eugene O’ Neill is the central protagonist of the expressionistic drama, ‘The Emperor Jones’. The shrewdness and intelligence of Jones is highly exhibited in the play. The interior monologues reveal his voyage from a convict to an emperor. But the psyche of the character seems more enchanted throughout the scenes. The Emperor Jones takes place on an island in the West Indies and resides in the stylish throne room of the island’s ruler or “emperor,” Brutus Jones. He intends to act as a white emperor rather than a black one by creating “an image of identity and the transformation of the subject in assuming that image”. The cunning experience in history evokes intelligence and he very skillfully used it to befool the bush niggers. The greed of money centers his actions. Even he mirrors himself to the stature of the supreme by spreading the rumor of ‘Silver Bullet Story’. The beating of tom-tom creates a horrific atmos in the play which also surrounds Jones. And finally, it is hushed with the fatal end of Jones.

Key Words: expressionistic drama, interior monologues, psyche