Uday Pratap Singh

Research Fellow

Department of Defence & Strategic studies

University of Allahabad

Allahabad (U.P.)



The Indian Ocean has been chosen for detailed examination because of convergence of economic interests, strategic concerns and the opportunities for multilateral cooperation. The cooperation between India and the European Union highlights the geo-political, geo-economic and geo-strategic significance in this region. Currently in Indian Ocean ongoing nefarious activities have made the countries more cautious and are trying to evolve such mechanism as to provide peace and security. One such activity is piracy. This has become a burden some problem for the world. The author analyses the involvement of the European Union and the need for greater cooperation between India and European Union. As such, from time to time representatives from both the countries have met to solve the ongoing problems so that certain amount of stability can be maintained in the Indian Ocean Region.

Key Words: geo-politics, geo-strategic, geo-economics, piracy and counter piracy, Indian Ocean Rim Association for Regional Cooperation, Indo-European maritime cooperation, illicit trade, climate change, Operation Atlanta, Strait of Hormuz.

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The Engagement of India and EU in the Indian Ocean Region