Dr. Neelam Bhardwaj

Assistant Professor,

S.C.D. Govt. College




During the last half-a-century, humanity witnessed radical changes sweeping across the world. Our Indian society too was influenced by these changes. It experienced tremendous transformation, affecting its complexion and ideas. Basic assumption and beliefs in all walks of life were challenged and brought under merciless scrutiny. The Indian woman grew aware towards the urgency of keeping alive her identity in midst of being a wife, a mother and a daughter. The women writers explored the social and familial formation. They concerned themselves with the forces that encouraged exploitation and oppression of the weak. In the process, they demonstrated courage and daring in experimenting with new unconventional narrative techniques. Through these techniques they, beside other things, plummeted the depths of psychology that no one dared to attempt before. To all these literary traditions was born Arundhati Roy whose main foothold is the exploration of the deep recesses of human psyche, going beyond the skin; into the constant struggles raising the soul of human beings at the conscious and the sub-conscious level. The gifts of modern life in the form of metal tension, strained human relationships, loss of identity, constant quest for belonging, meaning of life and soul are remarkably woven in the fictive fabric of Arundhati Roy. All her characters are constantly struggling either against individual, against social environment or even against their own inner selves. She is the painter of moods and wills, of desires and dreams, of conflicting choices and inner experiences. Her main motive is to depict the psychic state of her protagonist at a crucial juncture of their lives and conveying the fever and fretfulness, the feeling and emotions of her characters. The present paper is a humble effort to evaluate critically The God of Small Things as a study of individual and social psychology.

Keywords: Oppression, Trauma, Nostalgia, Human Psyche, Identity, Society.

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The God of Small Things: A Study of Individual and Social Psychology