Dr. Hetal S. Patel

Assistant Professor


Dr. Tapas Chakrabarti

Associate Professor, Department of English, Hemchandracharya

North Gujarat University, Patan



This paper is an attempt to analyze the characters in Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Lowland as foils as well as complements. Subhash and Udayan, the principal protagonists of the novel, are poles apart when it comes to their political ideologies and worldviews. One is a radical Marxist and the other is a more balanced and politically neutral person who is skeptical of sudden revolution. One is an admirer of Subhash Bose and Mao while the other practices the Gandhian values of humanity, kindness and tolerance. The paper tries to analyze the contradiction between violent political activism and a pragmatic and humane approach through Udayan and Subhash respectively.

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The Ideal And The Real: Characters As Foils And Complements In The Lowland