Mohamed Abdurahman Ahamed Yousef

English Language Department

College of Science & Arts – Alnamas Campus

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bisha University



The short story, My Dead Brother Comes to America, is analyzed   by adopting linguistic method to explore the narrator’s inward world. Thus, showing the frustration between two worlds:  the destroyed home land due to war that led to the family’s shattered hopes and the new, strange home land (America) which the father immigrated as other family members are going to join. The stylistic analysis focuses on linguistic method such as transitivity, the revelations of narration and comment on the characters reactions.

The use of parallel structures and transitivity of material process and mental process increases the misery and disappointment of the narrator who has stated that his family is “hovering ‘’ between two worlds: native land and alien land. Moreover, the ghost of the passing away brother dominates the whole family’s life in the new home.

Key words: immigration, suffering, real world, mental world.