Uday Pratap Singh

Research Fellow

Department of Defence & Strategic studies

University of Allahabad

Allahabad (U.P.), India


After the disintegration of the Soviet Union significant changes were witnessed in world politics. One of them was the strengthening of Indo-European Union relations. In 1990s, the Indian economy also moved at faster rate of growth. This enabled India to reshape its foreign and security policies. Today, with the new formation of government in India the focus has been to enhance economic growth through better performance. The article is written in view of overall Indo-European Union development. The author has analysed Indo-European Union strategic partnership. The issues have been dealt from Indian and European perspectives where the author has pointed out key challenges to their basic problem. In the end, the feeling of both Indo-European nations are that their relations could be further improved if there is much scope of cooperation and understanding.


Key Words: Strategic partnership, industrial corridor, Make in India, Clean India, Track I, Track II, The European Security Strategy, security dialogue, protectionist trade unions, Asia Europe Meeting, Eurojust, Europol, MEA, Maoist Insurgency, BITA, FTA.

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The Indo-EU Strategic Partnership: Future Perspectives