Raghvendra Pratap Singh

Senior Research Scholar

Dept. of Defence & Strategic Studies,

University of Allahabad,

Allahabad U.P.




In the 21st century Indo-French relations have taken a new turn. This is primarily because of their demand and interest which both the countries face from internal and external challenges. As such, strategic partnership between them is a long term relation based on political, economic, social and historical factors. The partnership encompasses security, space, defence, climate change and civil nuclear cooperation. The author, thus analyses these aspects of national security and readily argues that the growing economic activities will solve employment in both the countries. Similarly, progress in scientific field will immensely benefit France because it is greatly depend on nuclear sector. Thus, today, for both the countries the need is to expand nuclear cooperation so that their strategic partnership gets a further boost in widening other areas of cooperation.

Key Words: strategic partnership, civil nuclear cooperation, terrorism, security threat, defence technology, trade and investment, GST, sustainable development, climate change, solar and renewable energy, skill development.


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The Indo-French Strategic Cooperation