Dr. Jaisymol Augustine

Assistant Professer

Dept. of Malayalam,Assumption College

Changanacherry Kottayam




The distinguished novelist, Haldor Laxness, recalls the impact of Gitanjali upon him:

…….the form and flavour of Gitanjali had the effect of a wonderful flower. We had not seen or heard of before…What an enviable God, this God of Tagore: the great friend, the beloved, the unknown man playing his lute in a boat on the river. A god akin to Tagore’s can be found in Jewish biblical poetry. You meet Him occasionally in the Tao-the-king of China. But here in Europe he has hardly had a representative since the middle ages! (1)

Reviewing the poems of Gitanjali, Ezra pound wrote:

            It is all a little over a month since I went to Mr.Yeats room and found him much excited over the advent of a great poet, someone ‘greater than any of us. It is hard to tell where to begin …..We have found our new Greece suddenly. (2)


The Mystical Consciousness in Gitanjali