Dr. R K Pati

Reader in English

S.K.C.G. Auto College





Sobha De is an accurate, sensible and practical writer describing the world of charm in the Indian upper middle class environment without any prohibition. She presents the inner lives of the elite women, chiefly of the urban women in India. Her presence in the literary world has brought a revolutionary change, shaking the traditional affluent and culturally robust Indian society. Her female characters are rich, beautiful, surefooted and assertive who combine physical freedom, sexuality and stamina with feminist self-assertive and traditional domestic feminity. De’ s women characters are not love slaves or mere help mates. They try to break the good old image of women. They are representatives as sexually liberated and free thinkers termed as ‘New women’. Feminist New Style, a Journal (1972) comments,” The new women is a blend of physical freedom, sexuality and stamina with feminist self-assertiveness and traditional domestic feminity, a woman who can combine pleasure, career and marriage. They are eager to participate in pleasure as they would do in play work.” She says, “In order to train a man to any level of competence, women should use food, sex and both food and sex.”1

The New Women in Shobha De’s Novels