Sri Vidya Lakshmi

Research Scholar

Assistant Professor, Department of English,

SRM University, Ramapuram campus



My paper begins with a question about the need for (the continuance) English in Technical Education and its place in the Curriculum. I think it would be very appropriate if I quote from David Graddol’s ‘English Next India’ to strengthen my argument that is directed towards the inevitable inclusion of English in the curriculum of Technical Education:

English plays a vital role in increasing opportunity around the world. It provides

access to the information with which individuals can learn and develop and it provides access can learn and develop and it provides access to the networks which are vital in building and maintaining economic links. Perhaps more importantly, it provides a common language to share knowledge and ideas and to create the kind of relationships which go beyond a simple deal or contract…(3)

Should there be a place for English in Technical Education? Do institutions offering Technical Education need English as a subject to be offered to students and do they need a department for it?

Such questions may cross a scatter brain.

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The Place of English and the Responsibilities of English Teacher