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The present paper is an endeavor to concentrate on the depiction of human relationship in JhumpaLahiri’s ‘The Lowland’. Among every single human relationship, the parent-tyke relationship is the essential relationship that has procured its own particular significance and esteem in all socialized society. Two siblings Subhash and Udayan in the novel have been indivisible since youth. Living in the swamps of Tollygunge in south Kolkata, they are guiltless and insidious, a to a great degree wise couple. There is nothing that could isolate them – until the flares of the Naxalbari development of the mid 1970s make ideological contrasts between them. Irritated relations are an aftereffect of misery, additionally in view of the absence of trade off one declines to make until one gets into another’s shoes. It’s an account of yours and mine; it’s our story. It’s a straightforward story understanding the complexities of relationships.Lahiri presents Gauri as an underestimated character. The local space confines and tricks her womanliness. In the meantime, she shows the attributes of a revolt in her demonstration of eloping with Udayan and having an enlisted marriage. The enrolled marriage of Gauri with Udayan expresses her choice of following and investigating gentility through a man of her likings. Nevertheless, her identity still remains unfurled as Gauri is limited to a particular area. The occurrences of her marriage with Udayan and her pregnancy are simply reported and not intricately outlined by the author. Lahiri, it appears, plays it safe in not penning the fundamentals of her identity through feelings like love, sex or her closeness with her better half, Udayan.

Key Words: Human Relationship, Parent-Child Relationship, Husband-Wife Relationship, Naxalbari Movement, Love, Family

The Portrayal of Human Relations in Jhumpa Lahiri’s ‘The Lowland’