Kemoh Vamunyah Sheriff

Institute Of Languages And Cultural Studies, Njala University


John A. Lissa

Department Of Teacher Education, Njala University


Peter Mboh Muffuh

Institute Of Languages And Cultural Studies

 Njala University

Sierra Leone


It has been noted that student face a lot of problems during adolescence. Since secondary school student are in the adolescent stage, the need for guidance and counselling services become compelling. Moreover, the incident of the Ebola virus disease in Sierra Leone has disrupted the school system for several months. Schools have recently reopened and most students who might have suffered from Ebola virus disease need teacher counsellors who they can contact for psychological support. Thus, there is a need for school counsellors and school administrators to ensure and to enhance the effectiveness of these services in schools. In addition, student experience a number of problems especially in the outbreak of Ebola in Sierra Leone and the present modern society which has promoted the researchers to investigate the role of guidance and counselling services in schools.


Guidance, Counselling, Vocational Guidance, Adolescent

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The Role of Guidance Counselling Services in Selected Junior Secondary Schools in the Freetown Municipality