Miss A.Esther Pradeeba Andrew

Assistant Professor in Bharathanatyam

Annamalai University

Cuddalore District Tamil Nadu



The Tamil language is evocative, replete with poetry and classical allusions.  This poetry is reflected in the arts, Music and dance.  The earliest period of Tamil literature, sangam literature is dated from ca.  300BC-AD300. Most early Tamil literary works are in verse form. Sangam literature collection contains 2381 poems composed by 473 poets, some 102 of whom remain anonymous.  Dancing is an Art; It is popular throughout the ages. The folk dances of Tamilnadu reflect the socio-religious customs and practices of rural people.  There are lots of informations available about Folk dance forms in sangam literature.  The dance was called as Kuravai koothu and adal. The aim is to document various forms of Folk dances mentioned in sangam literature, particularly in Ettuthogai and Pathupattu.  This work analyses the social and Economical dynamics of folk dances in Tamilnadu, during sangam period.


Key words

Kuravai, Koothar, Thunangai, veriadal, parathavar, panar, viraliyar, porunar.

The Social and Economical Dynamics of Folk Dances in Tamilnadu
[Sangam Period]