Abhik Maiti

Pursuing M.A in English,

University of Calcutta,

Kolkata, West Bengal.

M.A in History.

Diploma in Fine Arts.


Alan Danielou says that “The hermaphrodite, the homosexuals and the transvestites have a symbolic value and are considered privileged beings, images of the Ardhanarishvara”. This desire to transcend the bodily limitations and embrace the physical perfection of the “other” is sought after and satiated through different mediums like cross dressing and in recent times, through video games.

Cyberspace and gaming have long been heralded as a new space of resistance through which people—particularly those subjects oppressed through traditional interactions—can transcend the physical and socio-cultural biases present in face-to-face interactions. For women and as well as men, the Internet and gaming have always offered an androgynous environment where they can pose as entities of the opposite gender, try on different gender identities, and create new fluidities in gendering  the self.

Keywords: Cyber-bimbo, gender boundary, gaming, transgendering, Oedipus, Laxmi-Narayan, hermaphrodite, Freud, console cowboy.

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The  Social Cyborg Video-gaming and the Dismantling of Gender Distinction.