Santosh Kumar Nayak, M.A., M.Phil.

Junior Research Fellow, Fakir Mohan University,

Vyasa Vihar, Balasore, Odisha- 756020




The paper seeks to demonstrate the socio-cultural and psychological status of women of Odisha and it also tries to find the reason beneath that through a n investigative cum diachronic survey. The song of tears (Kandana preserves the psychology and the social status of women as it is the typical oral (folk) song sung only by the women. Here, I have also tried to justify its scientific perspectives and angles with the help of several medical and psychological surveys done by eminent doctors and researchers all over the world. Tears help our body rid itself of nasty chemicals that raise Cortisol (the stress hormone). In other words: we’ll feel a whole lot better after the emotional down-pour passes. I have given the societal and psychological status of women of India and Odisha from the Vedic period to till date with its connection to the issue of this paper.

Key Words:  Cerimonial Weeping, Cortisol, Diachronic, Kandana, Psychology

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