Aravind Babu Chilukuri


 Dr. Kalyana Chakravarthi Thirunagari



Presently, common people as well as intellectuals in the society have been glorifying the material aspects of life alone without giving importance to the ‘core values’ of life. Hence, people are developing aggressiveness, lethargy and listless life. Therefore, they are losing their ground and finally are becoming victims to the circumstances. Unless, there is ‘right vision’ towards life, it will be difficult to be free from bondage, exploitation and so on. It is high time that the Academia and the Industry acknowledged the importance of ancient Indian approach in the practice of individuality to develop self-awareness  leading to manage oneself and others properly to nurture non-violent communication, interpersonal relationships, decision-making, stress-management, problem-solving, creative and critical thinking. Hence, it is essential to combine the essence of teachings in a scientific and realistic manner, as propounded by Rajneesh in order to improve relations, enhance healthy environment to live a quality life. Hence, it is necessary to enhance individuality in the education system-UG level- to balance Academics and life for health and happiness.

With this background, the paper focuses and looks upon the relevance of Rajneesh works to enhance the quality of life among students. The author, here, shares his professional experience in the academia.

Key words: Individuality, core values, right vision, non-violent communication, and self-awareness.

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