Proceedings of Research Papers Presented At The National Research Seminar In English On “Widening Canvas Of Literature” Held On 03rd And 04th December, 2015

 Dr. Manisha Mathur

Asst. Professor

Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Govt. Arts and Commerce College,

Indore (M.P.)


The paper applies insights into the history of cultural and literary interactions between Russian and Indian spiritual and aesthetic impulses depending on the socio-political vicissitudes in the two countries in different historical epochs and substantiates their long established literary mutuality. Indeed, the direction of these currents was determined mainly by two factors: the richness of accumulated cultural, philosophic and aesthetic treasures on the one end and the preparedness, rather eagerness and capacity to activity receive the incoming currents on the other. 

Keywords: Indian literature, Russian literature, Cultural parallelism, Literary mutuality.

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The Unfurling Fragrance of Indianness in Literature