Dr. Usha Jain

Asst. Professor, Dept. of English

Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Govt. Arts & Comm. College, Indore


Lekha Rani Singh

Asst. Professor, Amity Law School- Centre II (ALS-II)

Amity University




The study of the poetry of Dylan Thomas is incomplete if symbolism is not read or studied in depth with all its nuances. Welsh poets like Vernon Watkins, Euros Bowen and Dylan Thomas were drawn towards the aesthetics of symbolism. An essay by M. Wynn Thomas in the A Yearbook of Critical Essays played a vital role in attracting the attention of these writers. Thomas familiarity with the French symbolists is obvious as he chose symbolism as his medium of expression. His urge to explore the inner essence to realise the true nature of human existence and achieve the aesthetic element is evident and in his keen observation and impeccable use of symbols. He is incomparable as a British symbolist. The insights from Eliot and Yeats also played pivotal role in shaping Thomas’ symbolist engineering in his poetry. Imagery is another literary device which is dexterously employed by the poet for adding the imaginative value in his poetry along with symbolism. The impact of the Christian symbols and images founds profound expression in his poetry. Dylan Thomas gave huge significance to the use of imagery and for understanding his poetry it is necessary to understand his imagery. Thomas’s vibrant imagery comprised of fractured syntax, word play and personal symbolism. Thomas was an ingenious “language-changer” who created the English language into an opulently creative blend of imagery, rhythm and literary allusion; like Shakespeare, Hopkins, Joyce and Dickens.


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The Use of Aesthetic Symbols and Imagery in the Poems of Dylan Thomas