Abhik Maiti

Pursuing M.A in English

University of Calcutta

M.A in History

Rabindra Bharati University

Diploma in Fine Arts.




Unlike in meta-theatre, a novelist might not restrict oneself to stereotyping the other side of the broken wall to be inhabited by a human only. Narratives on paper allow fluidity and thus one might come across an extremely non-human being acquiring verbal prowess to communicate with the reader. This phenomenon of anthropomorphism is a concretised form of personification, where non-humans acquire human traits. Anthropomorphism floods the world of mythology, folklore, art and literature and is particularly omnipresent in children’s literature where it is practiced uncritically in the creation of animal characters and stories with animals. Both anthropomorphism, and the closely related folk psychology, may be expressions of  a relational epistemology, a common sense knowing that develops from being in relationship with others and that my inform the literary imagination of authors and readers.

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