Assistant professor and Research Scholar

Department of English,

Amrita Vishwa Vidayapeetam



India, the land of wonders is also the land of sufferings. Beneath the veil of a developing nation, she weeps a lot inside. Numerous writers have dared to penetrate into the suffering psyche of India. For them, it was the Indian society, which proved to be the background. Mulk Raj Anand was the pioneer in this group who stood as the spokesman of the ‘poor’ during 1930s. He had a rare genius to explore the neglected psyche. In his Untouchable (1935), he introduces Bakha, a boy of eighteen, who is a scavenger and belongs to the outcaste from Hindu society. Munno the fourteen year old orphan boy in Coolie (1936) is also a representative of those who struggle to exist in this cruel and hostile society. Aravind Adiga also travelled through a similar path to that of Anand and tried to portray the underclass very authentically. His The White Tiger belongs to this genre of social realistic novels as it probes in to the wounded psyche of Balram Halwai, the protagonist.

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