Rohini Jha

Department of English

V.K.S. University, Ara




This paper sheds light on the issues of gender, race and especially feminism in the novel of Doris Lessing. The methodology will be content analysis of selected text by Doris Lessing and also the help of Wikipedia and writer’s blog will be sought for this purpose. I will open this paper with introduction and then briefing about feminism,  colonial impact on Africa and concluding with Doris Lessing’ text. I will discuss about feminism and the reason for birth of feminist movements. The issue of gender is very sensitive because gender is very tightly attached to the word sexism. And when gender issue turns out to be issue of sexism it becomes a matter of examining nuances of human intellect. Aren’t the humans intellectual dwarfs when they talk about sexism? It is the fragmented mind and soul of a human who think and talk of sexism.  It is actually like a malady and a major flaw in human thought who believe that one gender is superior. What humans are trying to prove when they rank gender as strong or weak? Many female writers and feminists around the globe are engaged in subverting the rank given to male gender. Postmodernism is a high time to watch their achievements.

Keywords:  Females, Feminism, Doris Lessing, Gender Trouble, Sexism, Male Chauvinism, colonialism, Postmodernism

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