Ms. S. Femina

M.A, M. Phil.

Assistant Professor of English

Sri Kaliswari College

A. Meenakshipuram, Anaikuttam (P.O)




This paper entitled, Treatment of Double Marginal Issues in the Select Works of African American and Dalit Literatures purposes to analyze various forms of oppressions executed on the African-Americans of American and Dalits of Indian societies by the privileged people of these societies. Generally, our society is guided by the man-made binaries namely man/woman, man/animal, rich/poor, West/East, privileged class/ unprivileged class, and superior race/ inferior race and so on. As these binaries are man-made, man is not ready to shed these binaries to live an equal sharing peaceful life. Hence, it is clear women suffer in the hand of men and inferior race suffers in the hand of superior race. Therefore, the present paper will focus on the women characters of the select works of Alice Walker, Toni Morrison, P. Sivakami, and Bama in order to trace the portrayal of double oppressions executed on them as they belong to the under-privileged groups and how they voice against the ill-treatment meted on them. Their voice is the microcosm for the macro change.

Treatment of Double Marginal Issues in the Select Works of African American and Dalit Literatures