Mr. Prabhu S. Chothave

Research Scholar

Rtm Nagpur University, Nagpur


 Dr. P. D. Nimsarkar

Former Professor and Head

Dept. of Linguistics,

Foreign and Indian Languages

Rtm Nagpur University





The Indian novel in the contemporary time has been experimenting with both form and content to meet the taste of the readers, a trend which is very observable in the fictional narrative. With reference to the development of the Indian fiction in English it is said that “[T]he rapture between [popular and literary forms of the novel has been around for some time, as evidence in the case of the novel in late nineteenth-century England”(Joshi 319). By going away from the traditional way of portraying the interior turbulent and chaotic situation in society filled with violence, crime and corruption. The protagonists in such narratives are not individuals with fine qualities, sensitive and brave persons with great care for other individual, society and culture with their “heroic deeds, strong, brave and resourceful” (Cuddon 42-43) though many time imaginary figures. As the fiction centralizes man, woman or eunuchs with criminal tendency, with same qualities of bravery, strong determination, intention to execute the plan, and anti social deeds they are dangerous anti heroes harmful to both society and its members. In the present article a critical attempt has been undertaken to investigate that Vicky Rai is an anti-hero by all standard of literary interpretations.

Key Words: contemporary, court, criminal, family, justice, poor, rich, society.

Vicky Rai:  An Anti-Hero In Vikas Swarup’s

 ‘Six Suspects’