Smt. S. Hemalataha

Assistant Director


Dravidian University


Andhra Pradesh






L.S.Vygotsky says that human beings are social by nature, hence human cognition begins first through social interaction. i.e., a child  born in a certain society and learns about his or her own world  i.e., about his her society including social conversation and cultural knowledge through participation in experiences constituted within that world.  Through society any body can develop their language or behavior for the first time. It is merely our family that which constructs the language of a child  and then the child invites changes or modifies the language according to the encountered situations, it is where the childs intra-language takes place.        The present teaching practices promote only rote learning to pass in the examinations, without giving any importance to the development of language skills in general and writing in particular.   Despite of the changing needs, which requires skills to communicate effectively in English instead of scoring marks, the present pedagogy remains the same. It is high time to realize the need of the hour and make the large number of learners to use English effectively to serve in various fields.  Vygotsky, therefore insisted that teaching should aim at making every effort to push learners towards abstract thinking because if they are left to themselves, students will never achieve “well elaborated forms of abstract thought. This is true in the case of the students for whom school is the only opportunity available to develop conceptual thinking.


Vygotsky’s Socio Cultural Theory: A Study