G.Lova Krishna

Asst.Professor in English

 Amrita Sai Institute of Science and Technology

 Paritala, Krishna Dt.  A.P



PGT in English

 A.P.Model School


Andhra Pradesh



Research Scholar

RTM Nagpur University





English may not be the most spoken language on the planet; however, it is the official language in a substantial number of nations. It is evaluated that the quantity of individuals on the planet who utilize English to convey all the time is 2 billion! English is the overwhelming business language and it has turned out to be right around a need for individuals communicate in English in the event that they are to enter a worldwide workforce. Examine from everywhere throughout the world demonstrates that cross-fringe business communication is frequently led in English. Its significance in the worldwide commercial center, hence, can’t be under-expressed. The four abilities (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) are fundamental for every one of the general population living on the earth. Learning English will truly change one’s life. A number of the world’s top movies, books and music are distributed and delivered in English. Thus, by learning English one will have admittance to an extraordinary abundance of diversion and will have the capacity to have a more noteworthy social comprehension. A large portion of the substance delivered on the web is in English. So knowing English will permit a man to access to a fantastic measure of data, which may not be generally accessible. In spite of the fact that learning English can test and tedious, we can see that it is likewise extremely significant to learn and can make numerous open doors.

Key Words: communication, English, fluency, language, learn, method, skill