C. Chambial

Editor- Poetcrit

Maranda (HP)



‘Tales of Half Men’ is the opening poem, in 14 parts called ‘Chorus lines’ and spans over 16 pages from 13-28, of his latest book, Tales of Half Men and Other Poems from Authors Press (2014). This poem holds mirror unto the contemporary generation of men and women who consider themselves as well-informed and highly advanced; but, at the same time, so far as human values are concerned, they seem to have gone down and touched nadir. Prem, in this poem, comes before the world as an intelligent philosopher, a vigilant social historiographer, and an iconoclast. The objective of this study is to lay bare the endemic significant ideas that the poet has put into it.

“I weep alone”: A Deconstructive Study of PCK Prem’s

‘Tales of Half Men’