M.V.V. Prasada Rao

Director, CBSE






This paper deals with the alienated self of women in the Indian society. The modern Indian literature witnesses the realistic picture of women. The modern playwrights influenced by Henrick Ibsen, have dealt with the domestic issues, man woman relations and the condition of women in the society. Vijay Tendulkar, Marathi playwright, is one of the prominent modern playwrights. He deals with women issues: their struggle for existence, alienation from the society and herself itself. The plays silence! The court is in session, deals with Leela Benare who fights against the rules and regulations of male dominated society. In the Vultures, Tendulkar exposes, through Rama, the core of the female heart and how a woman craves to become a mother. Motherhood is a blessing to woman. In Kamala, he deals with two female characters: Kamala and Sarita. In this play Tendulkar exposes the practice of social evils in the society. Kamal is brought in an auction by Mr. Jaisingh only to prove that there is still selling of flesh in the open market. But in turn, Jaisingh himself becomes an exploiter of his wife Sarita. The women, whether married or unmarried, are not living their lives as they wish. They have departed from their selves and subjugated to the male.

Key Words: Alienation, Self, Exploitation, Defiance.


Woman And Alienated Self: A Study of Women Characters in Vijay Tendulkar’s Plays