Adelaida A. Figueras-Lucero


University of the Philippines Diliman


DOI: 10.24113/ijellh5141                


Where is the clear voice, the strong heart, the great human spirit,

which will speak out, unafraid, for the victims of injustice in our

times today?

— Mochtar Lubis




The aggregate of experiences from pre-independence colonial rule and abuse, to post-independence imperialism; from multifarious exploitations and concomitant struggles to drastic socio-cultural disturbance, economic underdevelopment, political enslavement, and psychological derailment, has awakened socially concerned writers to the recurrent patterns of injustice that violate the people’s humanity, and has impelled the socially aware and the morally responsible to use their pens in helping restore the lost humanity of the oppressed and in establishing a new life and history characterized by freedom, justice, and dignity.