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Publish Book with ISBN number

SMART MOVES publisher provides authors an opportunity to publish books.

We welcome author/authors to publish books. The scope of the publication is fiction or non-fiction. We can publish them in both formats either e-book or Print mode or both publications mode simultaneously.

SMART MOVES publish the book with ISBN number that will be indexed by google books. Google books are openly accessible on the internet which will increase your book’s visibility worldwide.

Benefit of Author


  • An author who is in the teaching profession will be benefited by publishing a book because it will improve their API (Academic Performance Indicators) score.
  • A book is like an advertisement for yourself. It will surely enhance your C.V.
  • When people see you as an author of a  published book, you get instant credibility and authority in the academic world.
  • When you publish book people see you in a different way, their first impression of you will be different.

Publication Process Time 

Minimum time to publish with ISBN - fifteen working days from the date of Submission


Publication Package 

Package for Indian Author’s


INR 5000


One paperback book + online e-book publication + print certificate + courier charges


Package for author’s apart from India


USD 300


One paperback book + online e-book publication + print certificate

Courier charges extra


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