Alfred Lord Tennyson, The Great Victorian Poet


  • Dr Mariam Thomas HOD English Mahatma JyotibaFule MV Amravati, Maharashtra, India


This paper deals with the great Victorian poet, Alfred Lord Tennyson, his literary background, aspects and impulses that had influenced him, the most famous of his poems, the themes that caught his fancy and found expression in his poems, the effectiveness of his works in those days and in the modern era etc. It describes in detail the impact of the Victorian Era on the poet and how it is reflected in his works, how he was assailed by spiritual doubts and conflicts and at the same time how successfully and picturesquely he portrays it in his works etc. His patriotic spirit, the characteristics and the art of his poetry, his affection and attachment for the English countryside and how effectively and vividly he depicts the same in his poems are delineated. A brief comparison and contrast between A.L. Tennyson and Robert Browning has been done to bring out how different the two poets were in their attitude to life and to the times of their creative period though they belonged to the same Victorian England. The paper comes to the conclusion and assertion that Tennyson is far greater than Browning in all respects and is truly the doyen of Victorian era.



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