Black Feminism


  • P. Kaviya II MA English Literature Vellalar College for Women India
  • N. Pavithra II MA English Literature Vellalar College for Women India


Black feminism, A Voice from the South, Black Feminism Movement.


 Black feminism is an experience of black women and it deals with sexism and racism. Black feminism is mainly bases on black women’s structures of power is different from white women. Black activist and intellectuals are form organizations and civil right movement and feminist movement, rose in 1960s. In 19th century black feminism is widely known. Particularly in 19th century emergence of LITERATURE IN BLACK FEMINISM is uplifting to know about the problems of black women. Women slave narrative is significance in black feminism. Most of the feminist and activist are convey their problems in their words. Black feminism movement is one of the important reason for the empowerment of feminism. A voice from the south by Anna Julia, in this work it gives significance about the women’s rights and racial progress. It mainly deals with problems faced by African American women. Regeneration and race of progress is main intention of this work. Education for African American women is more struggle then the white women who are in native. She point out many issues like Episcopal church neglecting African American women, humanities, moral force in reason and justice. It resemble dark and gloomy part of the women’s life. Domination on African American people and slavery is prominent issue it makes path for revolution among them and it is base for the Black feminism movement. This work is the original text of the black-feminist movement.


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