Study of Humanitarianism, the Requisite Approach in Gender Politics


  • B. Sivaranjini M.A., M.Phil. Assistant Professor of English Kongu Arts and Science College (Autonomous) Erode, Tamil Nadu, India


Male chauvinism, Feminism, Humanitarianism.


Multifaceted considerable development in umpteen fields marks the intellectual elevation, which enhanced the human civilization to other echelon. The extensive standards exhibit the human development without any qualms, but the unmitigated depression, resentment, anxiety in the human lives shows the psychological problems faced by them. The stated predicament assures that consequently they lose the prominent nature of a human being. Humaneness is the exuberant quality which marks the stability and nobility of human culture. The unhealthy practice of the existing society nullifies the unique nuances of the human world irrespective of genders. The present paper observes the detrimental customs of certain people that collapses the imminent enhancement of humans and focuses on the immediate change everyone should get hold of, concerning the vigorous communal needs. The study on the gender inequality suggests steering and supporting the fellow beings to lead a remarkable emotional life. The protagonist in the novel Subarnalatha witnesses that a part of humanity facing tremendous problems but goes numb in the active society, which ultimately needs to be verified and concerned by the fellow humans.


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