Patriarchal Role in Gender Politics in Indian Writing in English


  • B. Shobiya Charan Research Scholar Sri Vasavi College Erode, Tamil Nadu, India


Patriarchal is a term which refers to tribal leader. It literally means rule of the father in a male – dominated family. A patriarchal social system is where men are in authority over women in all aspects of society. For this, the role of gender is defined as a reference to the unequal power of relations that result when men and women are assigned structurally different positions in a patriarchy. Indian socialism and patriarchy are complicated by a significant shift in the analysis. It came to be discussed in terms of the mode ‘Production & Reproduction’.

A woman in Indian society has been a victim of humiliation, torture and exploitation. There are many episodes in the pens of authors in Indian writing in English where women are a victim of male domination in the respective sphere of life. A woman’s life lies between pleasures at one end and danger at another end. The paper deals on the aspects of patriarchal role against woman.


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