The Impact of Marxism and Communism: A Critical Study of Meena Kandaswamy’s ‘The Gypsy Goddess’


  • Chrispin Antonieta Dhivya Assistant Professor, English Veltech Rangarajan Dr. Sagunthala R&D Institute of Science and Technology Avadi, Chennai, India



Communism, Marxism, Politics, Caste System, Oppression


Meena Kandasamy is a versatile writer from India who writes poetry, essays and fiction. She was born to Tamil parents in 1984. Meena Kandasamy completed a doctorate of philosophy in socio-linguistics from Anna university, Chennai. She was very interested in writing from her childhood and even wrote her first poetry at the age of 17 before translating books by Dalit writers. Kilvenmani, an obscure village in the Nagapattinam taluk of erstwhile Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, shot to significance in 1968, forty-four Dalit were, locked in a hut and burnt alive because they demanded for hike in wages. This study is an attempt to analyze the events, looking at it not in isolation, but by placing it in the larger socio - political scenario, by examining the various narratives of the incident itself, the aftermath, and the emotions and movements it spurred among the people based on the novel The Gypsy Goddess by Meena Kandasamy taking Marxism and communism as its main theme.  


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