Double Discrimination in the Writings of J M Coetzee and Bama: A Comparative Study


  • Shalini Infanta. L Research Scholar SRMIST Kattankulathur, Chennai, India
  • Dr. Shanthichitra Head (English) SRM IST Kattankulathur, Chennai, India



Colonialism, Occident, Orient, Consciousness


This paper deals with the sufferings of the women characters and the existential mask which they put on in order to survive in the society in the midst of all the chaos. J.M Coetzee’s characters play a pivotal role in reflecting the trauma in the society. Bama in her novels had dealt with the dalit community in the society and the obstacles faced by them in the name of the distinction are described. This paper mainly deals with the injustice which happened to the women characters also it shows of how the orient women were treated by the name of constraints is discussed. This paper portrays the physical and mental trauma underwent by the depressed and discriminated class women.   


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