Mulk Raj Anand: A Pioneer Novelist in Indo-Anglian Literature


  • Tamanna . Ph. D. Research Scholar Shri JJTU Rajasthan, India



Absorption, Opportunists, Indian Civilization, Coolie, Literary Cosmos


India is a Hindi reign country, it is difficult for an Indian writer to struggle oversea language i.e. English in their literary cosmos. English language was considered as a burden in pre independence period which was imposed in our education system by Lord Macaulay to get advantage for British administration in India. But Indian writers took it as a challenge in valorous way and achieved their destination with more efficiency. They drafted Indian civilization and religion thoughts through their literary pieces in a decent manner. This paper points out Anand’s efforts to raise voices against hunger, industrialization, clannishness, suffering of Indian milieu of weaker section and their absorption in the hands of opportunists and powerful through his second sequel novel-‘Coolie’.


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