Redefining Teacher Education in India


  • Parul , Senior Consultant, NISHTHA (National Initiative for School Heads' and Teachers' Holistic Advancement) , NCERT, India
  • Dr. Madhulika S Patel Professor Department of Teacher Education NCERT New Delhi, India



Professional development of a teacher is a continuous process. Quantitative and qualitative debate may hinder our approach to fill the deep crevices between theory and practice regarding teacher development. Reflective teaching practice and improvement of environment for CPD predetermines for unanimity in variations. Upgrading national policy on education teachers’ training institutions and creating centre of excellence are among few expected ways to meet the challenges. Integration of information and communication technology in education and stimulation of quality assurance system may support CPD. Furthermore, uniform policy on recruitment, cadre of teachers, and financial benefits may induce the overall teachers’ professional development across the time and space.


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