Enhancing Spoken Language through Graphic Organizers


  • S. Suriyakumari PhD Research Scholar Bharathiar University Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Dr. R. Seetha Guidance, Principal (Rtd) Mahatma Gandhi Govt., Arts College Mahe, Pondicherry-UT, India




The basic purpose of learning a language is to communicate. The spoken form of the language takes the predominant role in the communication. The spoken form includes monologue, elocution, role play, group discussion, conversation including the one that uses monosyllabic words or short utterances and so on. Though speech is inseparable from listening, understanding the spoken form and responding to the same comprises both the receptive and productive skills. The present study uses the materials provided in the text book. The activities are based on familiar situations with known vocabulary. By using graphic organizers, the pupils  could be motivated to start a conversation and also enabled to respond in succession.


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Standard Nine English Text Book
A publication under Textbook Programme of Government of Tamil Nadu
Department of School Education
Revised Edition - 2019
(Published Under New Syllabus)

650+ English Phrases for
Everyday Speaking
Phrases for Beginning and Intermediate English Learners
By Janet Gerber
Acquisition and Retention of Knowledge: a cognitive view..
By Author: D.P. Ausubel.
Graphic Organizers to the Rescue
By Gloria A. Dye,




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