The Politics of Missionary Discourses


  • Jolly Alex Assistant Professor Dept. of English Christian College Chengannur, Kerala, India



Missionaries have characteristically been charged with, cultural annihilation and for conjuring up biased images of diverse and distant peoples and places. Employing the tools of rhetorical analysis, to bear upon such “non-literary texts”, it can be contended that the relation between mission and imperialism is one of ambivalence, which refuses to be restricted in the binary framework but is in reality an amalgamation of dynamic and complex relationships. The aim is to evaluate critically the charges of imperial orthodoxy levelled on missionaries, being considered to be co-conspirators with the imperialists. Though, the missionaries cannot be said to be totally free from the influence of the empire and it has been conceded that they have their faults yet they may more appropriately designated as “ambivalent imperialist”. 


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