Suppression to Assertion: A Critical Study of the Selected Poems of Namdeo Dhasal and N.D. Rajkumar


  • Nikita Bajaj M.A. English Dayalbagh Educational Institute Agra, U.P, India



Dalits, Dalit Poetry, Silence, Assertion, Caste System, Upper-Caste, Suppression, Ambedkar, Bold Diction, Sarcasm, Gods, Goddesses, Inequality, Folktales.


This research paper deals with Dalit poetry in reference to the two collections of poems, namely, A Current of Blood by Namdeo Dhasal and Give Us This Day a Feast of Flesh by N.D. Rajkumar. The selected poems from these collections are critically analysed with the objective of seeking for the picture of Dalits’ life as created by the poets in their poems as well as analysing the poems as the critique of the caste hierarchy. Dhasal who is one of the significant poets of Marathi Literature and Rajkumar who has contributed immensely to Tamil literature spew out their anger and vehemence to castigate the upper-classes of the Indian society which have always acted as the oppressors of the Dalit caste. The poems of these two poets become the voice of the caste which had been silenced for long and thus their poetry has led to assertion of Dalit identity in the mainstream society.


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Electronic Source
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